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Sudbury Girls Softball Guidelines for Parents, Players, Spectators, and Coaches Relative to the Coronavirus pandemic (2021)

Sudbury Girls Softball (SGS) will be taking protective, yet reasonable measures to limit risks and exposure of the virus in its softball community and to visiting teams. SGS has taken its guidance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Board of Health in the Town of Sudbury, and USA Softball of Massachusetts. As guidance continues to evolve, SGS will adapt its procedures and the recommended guidelines that follow are developed based on information available as of April 9, 2021.

Player and Coach Requirements 

  • Players and Coaches are expected to maintain good sportsmanship at all times (before, during and after games) and reflect the values of Sudbury Girls Softball


  • Players and Coaches must wear masks consistent with Massachusetts guidelines


  • Players and Coaches that are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms of possible exposure to COVID-19, such as fever should not attend practice or games until the player or coach has been tested and/or cleared.  SGS strongly discourages any Player or Coach from attending a practice or game if any member of their household has experienced a fever over 100.4 or any other COVID-19 symptoms


  • Players and Coaches must maintain 6 feet social distancing guidelines whenever possible


  • Players and Coaches must bring their own (labeled) hand sanitizer for use before, during and after a game or practice as applicable. Coaches will carry extra hand sanitizer to allow team members to use in the event a player, assistant coach, etc. is in need and does not have their own at a given time before, during or after a game or practice


  • Players must bring their own helmet, bat and (labeled) water bottle to all practices and games.  Each catcher should have their own catcher’s equipment.  If a player does not have the necessary equipment, a Coach will communicate with the League what is needed, and equipment will be loaned out to the player for the duration of the season.


Parents/Spectator Expectations 

  • Spectators are expected to maintain good sportsmanship at all times (before, during and after games) and reflect the values of Sudbury Girls Softball


  • Spectators should not attend if they or a member in their household have a fever over 100.4 or other symptoms including but not limited to coughing, trouble breathing or others indicating that they may not be well at that time


  • Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs and avoid using common seating areas such as bleachers where possible; to the extent one uses common seating, it is suggested that you bring your own disinfecting wipes to wipe the area before and after use


  • Spectators must wear masks and follow 6 feet social distancing guidelines consistent with Massachusetts guidelines


All participants, coaches, family members and spectators acknowledge that there is risk associated with participation and/or attendance at a softball practice or game, and by choosing to attend, they agree to accept that risk.   

For more information regarding the guidelines for practice and league play, please see https://www.usasoftballma.com/rules 

For more information regarding Massachusetts COVID-19 guidance, please see: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/frequently-asked-questions-about-covid-19 

Sudbury Girls Softball is grateful for the girls to play softball this Spring and we thank you for adhering to these guidelines to keep our community safe and well. 

Contact info: 

Kate Trainor, President, SGS 617-710-2432

Lisa Lent, Summer League Commissioner, SGS  617-821-6485