Where girls of all skill levels are offered competitive softball in the spirit of fun and good sportsmanship

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Coaches Code of Conduct

Please coach your team only. It is of utmost importance that the less skilled players be recognized and encouraged as much as the more skilled players. Please use discretion in handling problems on the field. They should be handled quietly among the coaches and umpire(s). The players learn from you at practice and at games. They all need your constant instruction, constructive criticism, positive attitude and encouragement. Developing good sportsmanship among the players is absolutely essential. Respect the difference between celebrating good plays and showing up the opposition.


Coaching Resources



Rainout Information
Rainout information will be posted to the league website and pushed out via email and text messages to all players and coaches.  For weekday games/practices, the hotline will be updated by 4:00. For Saturday games, the hotline will be updated no later than 1 1/2 hours prior to game time. Please edit your member information on the website if you would like to enable the text feature from the site to receive text message re: rainouts.

Need to make up a game?
Coaches have 72 hours from their game date and time to schedule their make-up game.  Make-up games should be completed within two weeks of the originally scheduled game.  If the game is not rescheduled by the coaches, the game may be cancelled or the league scheduling agent may assign a date and time.

Coaches are given the following for their teams:
- Game balls
- Checks for the umpires (if applicable)
- Team uniforms
- ASA rulebook
- Scorebook
- Keys to equipment boxes
See the Documents section of the website for a list of equipment available in the equipment boxes and at the shed at Feeley.